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Worldwide Business Resources: Website Design, Directory, Marketing, Business Resources, eBook Publishing

Worldwide Business Resources

Worldwide Business Resources is committed to always remain a customer-friendly organisation that passionately strives to provide value for money, complete every job according to specification and on schedule, ensure full client participation in services designed to meet their peculiar needs and aspirations, give honest advice devoid of exploitative tendencies, and to promote the development of websites for small businesses worldwide.

Our Products and Services

Worldwide Business Resources provides the following services:

•   Development of Websites

Bespoke websites with online payments facility (eCommerce) for organisations and individuals. A functional website is an indispensable infrastructure for every modern business or organisation. It is a wise, worthy investment. Not owning a website is now becoming increasingly embarrassing to organisations.

•   Provision of Business Email Facility

Custom email that reflects the name of a business or individual, e.g. either as part of a website package or as a standalone facility. Enhance the the corporate image of your business or simply enjoy the beauty of having a personalized email address.

•   Successful Business Directory

Designed to promote global business opportunities necessary for today’s virtual business world.

•   Publishing of eBooks & Print Versions

Worldwide Business Resources is officially registered with Nielsen Book Services (United Kingdom ISBN Agency) as a publishing business – eBooks and paper versions.

•   Global Marketplace

Promotion of products of business from all over the world via online stores, affiliate programs, and adverts that strategically target potential customers and clients.

Worldwide Business Resources: Website Design, Directory, Marketing, Business Resource

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